Re Digital Automation

This website has nothing whatsoever to do with a company called Digital Automation and we have requested that the erroneous details on the Cortera website be removed immediately.


Please be assured that we have not been sending out ANY emails regarding employment and we suspect that this is a phishing scam. The context of the email is similar to this:


We require representatives in Italy for customer service/administrative job.

No special knowledge in computer it required! No relocation from Italy required, you will operate from your current location. European Union citizens are also welcome to apply.
Job schedule is mostly in the morning or in the afternoon, 2-3 hours a day.
Digital Automation operates in USA and develops web-products (databases, c++ applications, mysql) for customers from Spain, UK, Italy, Germany and Poland.

Our clients have to pay with bank payments due to the contracts. We do not
have representative office in Italy. So, we cannot accept payments by bank transfer inside the country.
Job duties are: to receive invoice payments from our customers 3 times a week, process it and resend to our main office.

You are paid 5 percent commission from each payment + 4500 EURO base salary a month + bank charges and taxes.

You can use your own bank account for this job, or open new one. It doesn’t matter for us and is for your convenience.

We don’t ask any secure details and never ask any money to start job, we are serious company and the job is 100 percent legal.

No relocation required, you can do the job in your area.
Please, confirm if you accept the job, I will send you further details and application form.
Send confirmation in format:
I, “name”, accept this job, “date”.

Ralf Wirlof

Digital Automation
332 Us Highway 89 N
Livingston, MT 59047-911

About PuterMan

A retired programmer.
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4 Responses to Re Digital Automation

  1. ruud w.h.Staats says:

    Thanks for the warning!!! I am begging you to mail me the e-mail address of OR the FBI in your state OR a sherriff, who can help me furthermore. I am living in Holland and think I made a very big mistake by believing these crooks!!! Reported already to the police overhere and gave them all documentation. What these crooks are doing to older people like me (Iam 67) is realy unvelievable. Want a serious investigation by the plice in your state and can give them full details and copies of mails. Realy hope you can help me with some e-mail addresses.
    Thanks a lot

    Ruud Staats

    • PuterMan says:

      Hi Ruud,

      I am not in the US so I would have no idea who you would need to contact over there however I am sure that all states have a web site, for example this is the State of California official .gov website and here is the Montana .gov website.

      Just google ‘State of xxxx’ and you should get a result. I am only 3.5 years younger than you and I am aware that people of our age group can be targeted for many reason but I have to say that this sounds more aimed at middle aged or younger people.

      Looking at the English construction of the sentences I would say that the originators do not speak English as their first language and that is often a dead give-away to a fraud.

      Good luck with progressing the battle against people like this.


  2. denis texier says:

    . I have received such a mail (I live in France). But I can’t understand what kind of crook it is exatly : how does it work exatly ? Do you really receive money on your bank account ? Then what does happen ? Do you send back money by Western Union ? At what time are you stolen ? Does the guy in America (or wherever he lives) take money from your account with the information you gave to him with your bank numbers ? Please anser to my questions if you read it, ’cause I really want to understand how it goes. Thanks.

    • PuterMan says:

      Hi Denis,
      I have no idea how the scam works, and I don’t want to know. My advice to you is to forget all about this email you received and have nothing to do with it.


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