IRIS Earthquake Browser URL Builder

This is the first release of the URL builder for the IRIS Earthquake browser.

Superceded: Now version 1.1.0 Build 2

You can download the zip version of the setup file (158 Kb) or the unzipped executable file IEBUrlBuilder_1-0-0-1_setup.exe (175 Kb)

The program provides a method of entering a rectangular box set of latitude and longitude parameters, magnitude range, depth range and of course a date range.

Whilst all of this can be achieved on the IEB as far as depth, magnitude and dates are concerned, you only have the facility to hand draw (with the mouse) your selection area.

This tool can also perform the outputs to the Map, the 3D Viewer and the HTML List all at once.

Unzip the file if you downloaded the zipped version.

Double-click on the IEBUrlBuilder_1-0-0-1_setup.exe


You can change the location of the start menu


All done


Later versions of the setup will contain checks for desktop icons etc.

About PuterMan

A retired programmer.
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2 Responses to IRIS Earthquake Browser URL Builder

  1. russ says:

    So cool! That was fast and very helpful. I look forward to staying in contact and possibly collaborating. 3DV has almost exactly the same parameters, so you could send people there with very little change/effort.

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