Cemetery Entries Download

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The Cemetery Entries program has these objectives:

  1. To slightly ease the input of thousands of details from photographs taken
  2. To ensure the CSV data is in the correct format for transfer to Find A Grave
  3. To utilise that F.A.G. formatted data to create a Wiki table for a WikiTree Cemetery Space.
  4. (At a future date) to utilise that F.A.G. formatted data to create a GEDCOM file for upload to WikiTree or any other genealogy site or program that can accept gedcom files.

You can download the current release version (2.4.2 Build 26) installer of the Cemetery Entries program here (Opens in a new tab/window). The .exe program is also provided as a .zip file in case you system does not permit the downloading of .exe files.


The program is for Windows Vista SP2, 7 SP1, 8, 8.1 and 10 operating systems and requires .Net Framework 4.5 which is NOT compatible with Windows 98 or XP.


Mac users may be able to run the program without having to install Windows itself, using a Windows compatibility layer, such as CrossOver Mac. This option typically offers good functionality for a limited set of Windows applications. See Run Windows or Windows programs on your Mac for more information. See also 5 Ways to Run Windows Software on a Mac


Linux users can very likely run this program using WINE. See the PCWorld article for various ways of achieving this as well. See also the Wikipedia article about WINE software

.Net Framework Requirements

For information about .NET Framework system requirements please visit this Microsoft page.

Price (None)

There is no charge for the program. It is completely free.