IRIS Earthquake Browser URL Builder

This is the first release of the URL builder for the IRIS Earthquake browser.

Superceded: Now version 1.1.0 Build 2

You can download the zip version of the setup file (158 Kb) or the unzipped executable file IEBUrlBuilder_1-0-0-1_setup.exe (175 Kb)
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.Net Assembly Version Numbers Tool

An unsophisticated little tool that I built for my own purposes which I offer to others if they have a use for it.

You may download the installer for the tool as a setup executable file or as a zipped file you can extract and install.


The DAS Assembly numbers tool allows you to set the assembly number version for all elements of a project to the same version number, and to the number of your choice, at the same time. It should work with VB projects/solutions and C# projects/solutions in VS2005 and VS2010 and/or the Express versions of those languages, and with Sharp Develop I think. Not tested on VS2012.

The details page is here.

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Simple Table Class Generator update

Only minor. Changed the Dim in the module level variables to Private.

Latest version is v1.0.2.3 There is also a ZIP version of the download

Coming shortly: Expanding the generator to have an optional Class Collection generation capability as well as just a simple class.

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Update to Simple Table to Class Generator

I have just added a Sub Clear to the code to clear out the variables back to default. See page for links to downloads.

New version is

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Simple Table to .NET Class Generator

Just released today a very small utility to convert the information in an SQL INSERT INTO statement into a Visual Basic.Net class.

See full details and downloads here.

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QVS Data program release

The QVSData program has been (re)released and the current version is 1.4 Build 48 (Revision 3)

This version should address DPI resizing problems on Vista and Windows 7

You will find more details and download links on the QVSData Getting Started page

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Re Digital Automation

This website has nothing whatsoever to do with a company called Digital Automation and we have requested that the erroneous details on the Cortera website be removed immediately. Continue reading

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Future releases and other news

Well first off we are back in the web-o-sphere again after a break, and this time in the blog-o-sphere. Not sure how that is going to work out. We will see and time will tell.

The MetSatGetter page is now available on the site and you can download the program from there.

Having said that MetSatGetter is overdue for an overhaul. One of the changes we intend to make is to have it running as a service.

Work continues on the Retail Campaign Controller software, a free CRM program for small and medium businesses and we will bring you more news of that shortly.

The QVS Data program for downloading earthquake data is also to be released shortly so lots of things happening and many more to attend to.

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Apologies – break in service

DA Software has just closed it’s normal web site. Full service will be resumed shortly.

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